Out of curiosity: here are some stats about SEC filings including historical developments from 2012 to 2016.

Total number of SEC filings per year

The total number of SEC filings per year is surprisingly constant:

  • 2012: 975.062
  • 2013: 990.516
  • 2014: 996.835
  • 2015: 995.316
  • 2016: 952.419

So with nearly one million forms being filed with the SEC each year, this comes down to approximately 3800 filings per business-day.

Number of individual filers per year

Each person, company or other entity that is filing documents or forms at the SEC gets its own central index key (CIK). This CIK identifies each unique filer.

So how many filing entities are there?

  • 2012: 128.441 unique CIKs
  • 2013: 129.898 unique CIKs
  • 2014: 134.714 unique CIKs
  • 2015: 135.564 unique CIKs
  • 2016: 132.565 unique CIKs

Also here the number is quite constant over the years, with only a minor increase after 2013. If we look at the complete 5 year time frame from 2012 to 2016, we find that in this longer time frame much more entities filed with the SEC:

  • 2012-2016: 268.194 unique CIKs

This is quite a large number!

Most active filers in 2016

After looking at the raw number of individual filers over the years, let’s find out which company is the most active filer (i.e. has filed the largest number of forms with the SEC).

Most active SEC filers (by CIK) in 2016:

  1. UBS AG => 4136 filings
  2. JPMORGAN CHASE & CO => 4120 filings
  3. CREDIT SUISSE AG => 3406 filings
  4. BlackRock Inc. => 3204 filings
  5. JPMorgan Chase Financial Co. LLC => 2687 filings
  6. GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC => 2241 filings
  7. VANGUARD GROUP INC => 2045 filings
  8. BARCLAYS BANK PLC => 1825 filings

After thinking about it for a moment, it is no surprise that the banks and big investment management companies dominate the list of most active SEC filers. For comparison: a huge tech company like APPLE INC has “only” filed 118 forms with the SEC in 2016. This is 35-times less than the biggest banks. It seems that this kind of “paper work” is the core business of banks, but no for a successful tech company.

How many different SEC forms?

For 2016 I counted 406 different unique form types and for the time frame from 2012 to 2016 there were 468 unique form types.

See also my other post about the frequency of the different form types:
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Let me know in the comments what kind of statistics you would like to see in addition!